Rafter DS Ranch
Rafter DS Ranch

OCHOCO Chickabee -FPD 100% 

Navajo Golden Eagle x Ulrichs Cheyenne

PRATT CgirlsIM- grandaughter ( NFS as grandson has chosen her;will look forward to a breeding to Sunrise)



grandaughter of PrattsCgirlsIM, sire is Ulrichs Cheyenne, grandson up...... well started at 3 1/2...knows leads, collection, wilderness trails and packing.....

OCHOCO SPRINKLES, Ulrichs Cheyennex FeCoStarDee

Sprinkles, full sister to medallion winning Nikki, and JustDoIT...

Ochoco Midnight Magic-Ulrichs Cheyenne x WAR Starnight-FPD 100% in foal to Troubadour -2015 $3500.00 ( babe will be ApHC GAP-5)

OCHOCO PRATT IM ApHC GAP: G-5 dob4/24/13 #673741

bred by Kate Wompner Purchased from KrazyK Appaloosas

Maki's Shamrock Rosi-- Retired

B/W-Snocap; all 3 TOBYS.

Foaled: 03/19/1994

ApHC #529029  





Maki's Shamrock Rosi-7/20/13

OCHOCO TRIXIE- JBCJ Kanikus Kameo x WAR Tobys Troubadour

97%FPD  2/7/2012  $3500.00-SOLD congrats to Leslie

Ochoco Trixie; back to pre-registry horses; 05/14

Ochoco Ballerina-Ulrichs Cheyenne x Smokey Storm Dancing
ApHC # N 656446  FPD 93%

Bred to Ochoco Moses for 2015...his first.....    

Foaled: 03/23/2008

93% FPD-$3000.00





Ochoco Ballerina 5/14;bred to Ochoco Moses for 2015

OCHOCO BLACK BONNIE;bred to Trou for 2015

ApHC # 653311
Ulrichs Cheyenne x Jokers Silver Lace

Foaled: 04/30/2007

97% FPD-$3000.00




Ochoco Black Bonnie & Ochoco Ballerina--Ulrich Cheyenne mares

Ochoco Cheyenne Rose

Kaniksus Kameo x Ulrichs Cheyenne
   Foaled: 05/31/2008

97% FPD-due to Silvermoon, Pre-registry- she is a 6 gen appaloosa, bred to Troubadour for 2015



"one Appalousy-one truckload of other horses" Sam Fisher-Nez Perce breeder

  Ochoco Firecracker FPD 100% born July 1 2014... Rose just  spent two years packing dudes into the wilderness for Into the Wild Adventures, sweet, well broke and a 100% color producing mare..4500.00





Ochoco Cheyenne Rose, 11/8/14.... Kaniksus Kameo x Ulrichs Cheyenne Mare

OCHOCO SHYANNE-FPD 100%, $4500.00  last filly of Ulrich Cheyenne


"They are good mountain horses with tough feet and are an especially
versatile breed in the rough country of the Northwest." Earl Perin



Ulrichs Cheyenex WAR Starnight

Ochoco Thud-3/27/2012


DAM: Tobys Destardee Moon #542767

FPD 100% $4500.00


Tobys Destardee Moon Filly-#672723 FPD 100%

RHA TOBYANNA FPD 100%  in foal to Trou for 2015; a G-5 $6500.00 gentle, trained by Susan Heite, nice saddle mare

. RHA Yakimas TOBYANNA,, FPD 100%, EE, aa, dob 2005;BRED to Troubadour 5/28/14

Ochoco Trou Dream - Home for the winter; $3500.00
Foaled: 04/23/2011  ApHC # 667863

87% FPD-has a great start, allowed to grow and mature.....for years of soundness

Sire: WAR Tobys Troubadour

Dam: Dazzle My Dreams-HYPP N/N



Trou Dream-11/8/14

Ochoco JustDoIt - $3500.00 Home for the winter
Foaled: 03/31/2010-

 FPD 97%


Sire: Ulrichs Cheyenne

Dam: FE Co-Star Dee  HYPP N/N


Best in the West Furturity winner.....Ulrich Cheyenne xFeCoStarDEE Ochoco Just DoIt, Chick, Dream to town for coffee 11/8/14

Ochoco MARVEL-#666473-LOOK!!


 All three TOBYS, Storm Cloud F-on dams side;   Ulrich branded sire;  Foaled: 04/18/2010

Sire: Ulrichs Cheyenne

Dam: Maki's Shamrock Rosi


ApHC # 666473 FPD 93%, last filly from Cheyenne and Rosi, what a pedigree.......$5500.00 Allowed to mature, ready to start




best feet you will find-5/14

Ochoco QUEEN-G-5 only for sale as I used both my  stallions to get here, she needs an unrelated G-5 to continue the old line breeding of 40 yrs. A BEAUTY.....$6500.00
Foaled: 05/31-2013

ApHC #675641


Sire: War Tobys Troubadour

Dam: Ochoco Midnight Magic


Ochoco Queen- ApHC GAP-5
Ochoco Nikki- bronze medallion winner; 'appaloosa museum raffle foal.......donated by rafterds ranch
MOSES age 2, Ochoco Midnight Magic x Wakons Navajo Scout
Kaniksus Kameo-sold dam of Ochoco Cheyenne Rose, Firecracker greatdam