Rafter DS Ranch Rafter DS Ranch

 Ulrichs Shawnee x WAR  TOBYS NIGHTWIND

ApHC-FPD 97%
#584792 FAHR #685


yep we did her farrier work...first week.... OCHOCO Patsy Ruth- mule foal from painter due 2014.....


ApHC #637213-97%FPD

Foaled 5/17/2005-$4500.00 SOLD

knows parelli games and obstacles, jumps,camps.....

Ochoco Midnight Magic-Ulrichs Cheyenne x WAR Starnight-

Ochoco Midnight Magic& G5 son; Ochoco Moses

FE Co-Star Dee-HYPP N/N-2001
   filly is-SOLD

Foaled: 05/11/1997
ApHC #565568  





filly is sold

JBCJ Kaniksus Kameo
Foaled: 05/29/1995

ApHC #542785   90% FPD

Kaniksus Kameo is stunning. Dark chocolate brown with snow flakes, and
almost perfect conformation. Kaniksus is both ApHC and Sundance 500 registered.

K. K. comes from a long line of "indian shufflers" and combined with Ulrich
Cheyenne, has produced  shufflers for us .

New owner will be breeding to grandson of Toby-1---one purebred TOBY foal on the way!! checked; in foal!

JBCJ Kaniksus Kameo

Maki's Shamrock Rosi-- $3500.00 in foal

B/W-Snocap; all 3 TOBYS.

Foaled: 03/19/1994

ApHC #529029  


Breeding to INDIGNANT BLU ApHC # 561874..for 2014... Count the TOBYS....Blu is a b/w Leopard owned by Verna Roberts.




Maki's Shamrock Rosi-7/20/13

OCHOCO TRIXIE- JBCJ Kanikus Kameo x WAR Tobys Troubadour

97%FPD  2/7/2012  

Ochoco Trixie; back to pre-registry horses; 03/14

Ochoco Ballerina-Ulrichs Cheyenne x Smokey Storm Dancing
ApHC # N 656446  FPD 93%

Perfect cross for Ochoco Moses in a few years...    

Foaled: 03/23/2008

93% FPD





Ochoco Ballerina 3/14

Ochoco Black Bonnie 

ApHC # 653311
Ulrichs Cheyenne x Jokers Silver Lace

Foaled: 04/30/2007

97% FPD




Ochoco Black Bonnie & FPD 100% colt;4/25/13

Ochoco Cheyenne Rose

Kaniksus Kameo x Ulrichs Cheyenne
   Foaled: 05/31/2008

97% FPD


"one Appalousy-one truckload of other horses" Sam Fisher-Nez Perce breeder

 Bred  to Indignant Blu ApHC # 561874  ....2014 is looking GREAT!! Rose just  spent two years packing dudes into the wilderness for Into the Wild Adventures, sweet, well broke and a 100% color guarantee foal; $4500.00 



Kaniksus Kameo x Ulrichs Cheyenne; in foal to Indignant Blu for 2014 Ochoco Cheyenne Rose

OCHOCO SHYANNE-FPD 100%,$4500.00


"They are good mountain horses with tough feet and are an especially
versatile breed in the rough country of the Northwest." Earl Perin



Ulrichs Cheyenex WAR Starnight


Ulrichs Cheyenne x FeCoStarDee







Ulrichs Cheyenne x FeCoSTARDEE 3/14

Ochoco Thud-3/27/2012


DAM: Tobys Destardee Moon #542767

FPD 100% $6500.00


Tobys Destardee Moon Filly-#672723 FPD 100%

Wakons Banded Jewel


Foaled: 03/18/2001

ApHC #618131   80% FPD

she has fantastic foals $3000.00
Wakons Banded Jewel-3/14


 RHA YAKIMAS TOBYANNA, 2005, EE,aa,FPD 100%, $12500.00


look at her, then check the pedigree.....$12,500.00. RHA Yakimas TOBYANNA,3/14, #628694, FPD 100%, EE, aa, dob 2005

Ochoco TuffEnough - filly-

Foaled: 05/09/2011

97% FPD

Sire: WAR Tobys Troubadour
Dam: Ochoco Connie

Deacons Tuff Babe grandaughter; Ulrichs Cheyenne grandaughter




Ochoco TuffEnough-7/20/13

Ochoco Trou Dream - filly $3500.00 
Foaled: 04/23/2011  ApHC # 667863

87% FPD-

Sire: WAR Tobys Troubadour

Dam: Dazzle My Dreams




dam negative for HYPP/HERDA/PSSM1

Ochoco Trou Dream-3/14

Ochoco Sprinkles - filly $3500.00
Foaled: 03/31/2011-

ApHC # 668447 FPD 97%


Sire: Ulrichs Cheyenne

Dam: FE Co-Star Dee


Ochoco Sprinkles-3/14

Ochoco MARVEL-#666473


 All three TOBYS, Storm Cloud F-on dams side;   Ulrich branded sire;  Foaled: 04/18/2010

Sire: Ulrichs Cheyenne

Dam: Maki's Shamrock Rosi


ApHC # 666473 FPD 93%-$3000.00




best feet you will find-3/14

Ochoco QUEEN-G-5
Foaled: 05/31-2013

ApHC GAP-5 filly


Sire: War Tobys Troubadour

Dam: Ochoco Midnight Magic


Ochoco Queen- ApHC GAP-5